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Dear Families:
Although we welcome the arrival of spring, the chilly days remain. Please 
check the weather before your child leaves for school so that they are
dressed appropriately for the temperature; and, for the messy field 
conditions that occur during the spring thaw. During this time of the year, it 
is a good idea to send your child to school with an extra pair of socks and 
The Umbrella Theme for the month for April is cognitive flexibility which is 
our ability to adapt or adjust our strategies when we face new and 
unexpected conditions in the environment. When we develop cognitive 
flexibility, we are better able to cope with change and new information.
Thank you to all families who contributed to our Lenten Food Drive in 
support of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. They were very much appreciative 
of our support. Also, thank you to all families who participated in our Spring 
Fundraiser. We are looking forward to when the flowers arrive in May.
As a school community we will continue with our Weekly Lenten Liturgies,
and we will celebrate Easter Mass at St. Francis de Sales Church on April 21, 
You are to be congratulated for working with your child to make them a star 
student. Keep up your fine efforts and have a great month. 
Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter. May God bless you and keep 
you safe.
Yours in Catholic Education, 
Frances Derochie