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Together in Faith

Together, we are building communities of faith.


Mission Statement


Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

Fundraising Launch Oct. 19th/ Due Date Nov. 6th


School Sports

Our Junior and Intermediate students participate in Board tournaments

Literacy Day

Literacy Day @ St. Anne School


Literacy Day Fun

Mme Frappier's class has some "tasty fun" with reading!


Literacy Day

Mom and son have fun reading together


Literacy Day Fun

Staff do their representation of Robert Munch's "Class Clown"


Ecole de neige

Grade 6 students enjoy winter activities.


Scholastic Bookfair

We have several Bookfairs throughout the school year!

Science Fun

Science is Fun at St. Anne School!

Hockey Tournaments

We participate in several sports tournaments

Ski Trips

Two Ski Trips to Mont Rigaud, Quebec were organized this year!

Sugar Bush Visit

Students visit two local Sugar Bushes.


Dance Off

This dance competition has become a yearly tradition at St. Anne School.


Chess Tournament

Our Chess Club participants can attend the local Chess Tournament


  • WE Day Bracelets for Sale!

    As part of St Anne’s pledge to We Day , we will be selling Imani bracelets. The sale of the bracelets will begin on Monday, November 20th and end on … Read more

  • Elf’s Closet – December 12-14

    From December 12th to the 14th, a wonderful Christmas event is being planned by St. Anne’s Catholic School Council. Crafts, toys, special items, jewelry or decorations of all varieties are … Read more

  • World Day of the Poor

    In honor of World Day of the Poor, St Anne hosted a clothing drive and collected over 3500 items of clothing for the less fortunate. Thank you for all your … Read more

  • Grade 4’s Receive a Bible

    Teachers and students gathered at Sunday mass to celebrate our grade 4 sudents who received the gift of a Bible by the St Francis de Sales Parish. Thank you to … Read more

  • Math Fun!

    Making learning math fun, fun, fun…every day! Thank you Mrs. Charbonneau!

Upcoming Events