St. Anne School

607 Surgenor St.

Cornwall, Ontario

K6J 2H5

(613)933-4615 Phone

(613)933-7982 FAX


Bell Times:

9:15 am – School begins

12:00 – 12:50 pm – Lunch and Recess

3:35 pm – Dismissal


Safe School Arrival Policy:

Parents or guardians are requested to inform the school of pupil absences or late arrivals by 9:15 A.M.

Please call 613-933-4615 to inform us that your child will be absent or late (listing illness symptoms). Upon your failure to call, we will call you at home/work to confirm your child’s absence. If we cannot reach you, your child will come home with a note that you must sign, give a reason for their absence) and return to the office the next day. Please remember that the initial phone call is recommended to confirm your child’s attendance in order to comply with our school board’s “Safe School Arrival Policy” written for your child’s safety in mind! Our answering machine is on 24 hours per day! We also ask that students report to the office to sign in and receive a late slip if arriving late.

We also request that parents report to the office prior to picking up their child before the end of the school day!   This may be done by writing a note in the child’s agenda stating the time the child will be picked up and by whom. The latter is very much appreciated.


Medical Danger & Anaphylaxis – Peanut Allergies:

There are students in our school who suffer from life-threatening food allergies to nuts or peanuts. Should these students come into contact with even a trace amount – they may go into anaphylactic shock, possibly causing death. Parent of all students are respectfully requested not to pack any foods “containing nut” products or “may contain traces of nuts” products in your child’s lunches. This precaution ensures that all children in the school are part of a safe environment. Thank you for your cooperation!

The Board Bully Prevention and Intervention Plan is based on developing a Whole-School Faith community that is safe, inclusive and accepting, utilizing our Gospel values and reconciliation. The Plan is designed to prevent, respond to, and stop bullying and student victimization. A strengths based approach is taken to building the Resiliency and Positive Mental Health of students, by developing students’ empathy, understanding and using effective strategies to prevent and respond to bullying if it occurs in ways that will stop future bullying. The plan promotes prevention by a “Call to Care”, with targeted interventions by a “Call to Action” and a “Call to Rebuild” through specialized supports.

Specific prevention programs, targeted interventions and specialized supports provide a continuum of support for students. Restorative practices including proactive classroom circles, restorative questions/conversations and formal restorative conferences enable schools to create environments in which bullying behaviors are reduced and students are empowered to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult situations.

The Board Safe School Policies, including the School Code of Conduct and the use of Progressive Discipline, including suspensions and expulsions, supports the implementation of the Board Bully Prevention and Intervention Plan to respond to and stop bullying, including verbal, physical and cyber-bullying. The School Community must respond and deal with difficult behaviors by using Restorative Practices so students come to understand the effect their actions have on others and are able to repair harm and rebuild relationships.  In the case of serious threats or violent behavior, a Violent Threat Risk Assessment and Intervention Plan – VTRA is completed with the police and community agencies.